Purpose of the Workshop

Flight tests of new or modified aircraft are a necessary part of the design process and provide the final validation of the full scale aircraft design.

Optical measurement techniques such as:

They can be used to measure wing and propeller deformation (IPCT), to investigate laminar-turbulent boundary layer transition on wing surface (IRT), to measure velocity vector fields (PIV). Moreover LIDAR allows a precise remote measurement of the wind velocity and BOS can be used to visualise density gradients in the flow. Fibre Bragg Grating method (FBG) - a new measurement technique allows on very accurately measure of strain, pressure and temperature.

The European Collaborative Project AIM² - Advanced Measurement Techniques 2 - develops these measurements techniques to be easily and routinely applied to in flight testnig with industrial demand. AIM² focuses on developing reliable and easy to use dedicated measurement systems and on defining design and application rules for these new in-flight measurement techniques.

This workshop, will mainly concentrate on those aspects of the theory of the optical methods which are relevant to the applications. Besides giving lectures on the fundamental aspects, special emphasis is placed on the presentation of practical and reliable solutions of problems which are faced during the implementation of this technique to in flight testing and other test facilities.

During practice the participants will have the opportunity to carry out the recording and the evaluation of IPCT images by themselves in small groups. Finally one measurement task will be applied by the participants with the guidance of AIM² personnel using the application matrix and the toolboxes. A special course book will be prepared for all participants.