Workshop book2013-09-07 14:27:40

Each Participant will receive for free the course book,

which contains a description of all  mehods presented

on the workshop and the last results obtained in this

field during the  AIM2 Research Project.

In case you need more volumes, you can buy it:

ISBN of the printed book:     978-3-7322-3740-1

ISBN of the ebook:               978-3-8482-6870-2

Workshop registration2013-09-04 18:54:08

WORKSHOP REGISTRATION starts on Monday, September 9, at 11: hours. WORKSHOP starts at 13:3. This day, the lunch for Participants will be served 11:3-13:3 at Terminal Restaurant (T, first floor, workshop venue plan).

The workshop venue plan, workshop agenda and the final_schedule can be download from this web: Information/Download tab.
See you in Rzeszow!

Excursions 2013-08-28 19:20:26


During the workshop, for Participants, will be organised three excursions, shortly described below:

Wensday, 11th September, 17.3 – 21.3: Rzeszow tour + multimedia fountain show,

Friday 13th September, 13:3 – 2. : visit the castle and the carriage house in Lancut,

Saturday, 14th September, 9.-18.: a trip to Bieszczady Mountains:

Visit at The University Gliding Centre in Bezmiechowa:

Tour inside the hydroelectric power plant in Solina dam: